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Who held your tiny fingers as you stumbled more and walked less? Whom do you see at the breakfast table when the sunbeams, next to you? Whose hands caress you at murky hours of the night? Who buys you your favourite power rangers toy? Parents, two people who raise future lives together, sacrificing their time and wishes. We all must be fortunate that though the world might seem hollow to us at times, yet we are never lonely. When you can only wish, but it is fulfilled by your parents. When you are a child, your wish for toys is granted. When you are young, your wish to have privacy is granted. When you start earning, your wish for peace is granted. In all these cycles of desires, have you ever considered yourself to be selfish? Most of you will answer “NO” because that is what you think parents are for. They are there to comply with our hopes and bring us the things we have asked for. They have to feel happy for their kids all the time, and they have to be there for them in their bad moments. While this is something which must be expected from our parents, we should not forget that by the end of the morrow, they are individuals. They had some wishes which were abandoned to cater to your needs. They also wanted to explore the world and its beguiling cities, like you. And they, too, desire a cup of coffee and watch the sun sleep peacefully on the balcony. There must be a two-way road, where once you go to seek the world, you return back to spend the time with those who showed you the first sky of the universe.

There are times when we are aware of our parents’ sacrifices to send us ahead and ahead. However, there are also times when they make your dreams come true, but secretly. Remember when your dad gifted you a new camera to fulfil your passion for photography during the financial crisis? You do not know how much your dad might have gone through to assemble the amount. And he will not even come to the terms to tell you what he had to go through. He had to endure both physical and mental pressure so that you can smile. What about a cup of refreshing coffee while you studied late tonight? Your mom or dad might be tired of all the work of the day, but they stayed awake so that you would not stop achieving your dreams. When it is a decision between your love for football and their craze for cricket on TV? You will always get to watch your football match while being a silent observer but by your side. Or, who is going to have the last chicken of KFC? Your parents will always give to you saying,” I am full”, even though they would love to have another piece. They live for us, and at times they become us, living life according to us, dreaming our dreams and smiling our smiles. 

The primary reason why misunderstanding between parents and us is because of our age gap. Our parents belong to a generation before us, where things were yet in a state to bloom. And we belong to a generation that is continuously seeing modern leaps. While you might love to go out any time of the day, it would not go well with your parents. They might be haunted by various concerns and think more about your safety. We have an opposite reaction to this. To bridge this gap, initiatives must be from both sides. We must understand why our parents react in specific ways and try to talk about different issues calmly. On the other hand, parents need to step out from their shells and understand the world in which their children are growing. 

Nature has written that parents are the ones who gave you birth. But is giving birth synonymous with the term parents? The meaning of parents does not suffice to a particular definition; rather, it transcends the biological boundaries. We hear the stories of children abandoned near streets and garbage bins. We also hear the stories of some compassionate souls who adopt these abandoned lives and give them a rainbow horizon. You do not need to be a parent biologically; rather the belief that catering to lives makes you a parent. Many never gave birth to a child, but they touched a life outside the natural birth circle and embellished it with their sacrifices and responsibilities. The world and the societies we live in have always stayed firm on the belief that family is where there is a father and a mother. But some people have fulfilled their duties, both as a father and mother. Single parents have fought through different challenges to look after their children. Some voluntarily adopted children to look after them, while some became single parent due to the untimely death of their spouse or divorce from their choking relationships. The question which hangs is, how does the stoic society accept them?

Life is completely different for a single parent. It is a mixture of uncertain sunny and gloomy days. Single parents find no social support. Society blames them for separating from their partner and continuously reminds them it is not possible to raise a family single-handedly. To fulfil their child’s aspirations and create a better future, single parents spend most of their time securing the amenities for their children. It becomes hard for them to find time to rest. Filing legal documents for their children is an arduous task for a single parent because most of them demand both parents’ names. A single parent also goes through a series of mental pressures. They are constantly persuaded by society to remarry, and single mothers face the worst, as they become prey in the eyes of the society they live in. They are constantly backed by the fear of being questioned by their children about where their father or mother is. Further, single parents constantly are backed by a sense of guilt, for they have to hide the sorrows and tell them all is fine.

We know we love our parents. But there are few instances where we realize it. Here are some moments of missing parents which are familiar to us.

New York’s City Lights Gone Dull
We all dream of travelling the world and settling away in a new place which will have so much to explore. Imagine you have got the dream job in New York, for which you have worked hard since you were in high school. It would be so aesthetic, and a sense of achievement shall sweep you and your parents off your feet. Once you are in the city which does not sleep, you enjoy the first few months, doing your job and exploring what the town conceals. But it does not last for long. You begin to miss the regular commotion in the morning, back home. You begin to miss you and your dad’s chai-toast talks, your mother’s embrace on rainy days and the familiar broken roads of your mohalla. You begin to miss a home where your dad and mom laughed at your silliness and arranged cosy dinner during frozen winters. And at that moment, you find the city lights breaking out and your parents’ smile shining bright.

Leaving with a Heavy Heart and Weightless Lehenga:
All the girls will agree how joyful and sad it is to leave behind their homes as a bride. While the preparations will be in full swing, from yellow lehenga for sangeet to pastel lehenga for the wedding day, a fear looms too. Leaving behind a home that you and your parents built together for almost 25 years sounds heartbreaking. You will enjoy the first part of the wedding reception. However, when the time comes for you to finally build a new home, you want to run back to the past. The tears which flow at your last farewell to your origin, not just define how sad you are. Rather they include your dad’s shadow guiding you, your mom’s hands making different styles with your hair, your evening together with your parents, your dad saving the last piece of cake for you and your mom’s saree that you had worn to feel like her. When the time comes for you to drape a saree like your mother, you know that the wish to be a child again has grown stronger.

Park Remains Same, but You Change
How many times have you gone to the park with your parents? If you keep counting, surely a day will pass by. We have seen the park the most during our childhood. You might go to the park, to get “a break”, but you will soon realise that peace and parents have the same letter at the beginning. You might be sitting at the same bench of the park where you sat with your mom and dad after a long game, but it will not console you. Instead, you will find yourself lost in nostalgia. You will be reminded of the time you ran to your parents for water after playing around the play area, your parents wiping off the dirt and sweat from your face, your dad teaching you how to serve in a badminton game, and your mom offering yummy sandwiches as the wind blew with your rhythmic laughter. And at that moment, you will realise that your parents made the park playful for you.

Burnt Roti and 2 Minutes Maggi, the Only Option
Remember the time when you came after school and found a delicious aroma hitting your nose. You would have probably guessed what lunch was about to offer you. Now that you are staying on your own, to build a life, you need to cook. However, the roti you thought would be easy to shape is a map of an unknown country, burnt at the edges. So, you opt for the only option, cook a packet of 2 minutes Maggi. At that time, you will realise that cooking and living independently was more challenging than you had thought. You will surely miss the kachori, buttery nans, dhoklas, chole bhature of your home. Still, most importantly, you will know how your parents took care of your health and your wishes.

Windy Night with None on Your Side
The wind is howling like a swirling storm outside your room. You pull the blanket closer to you to feel a sense of presence beside yours. But, do you think of anyone other than the ringing voices of your head? Suddenly you might go back to the time when you decided to live on your own. You might feel the absence beside you telling how living solitary feels like. You will miss your mom’s drowsy embrace, her hands shielding you from all the fears that the night had held when you were six. You will miss your dad’s figure perched beside you, caressing your weary face as he felt guilty to scold you too much. You will miss the hands of your parents holding you in between them when you have woken up after a nightmare. And in those instances of remembrance, you will realise that the night was warm because you had your parents driving away from the caving coldness and bleakness.

While these are some imaginary instances, yet these are undeniable truths. No matter how big you grow, you will always be the toothless, grinning child of your parents. We must not leave our parents at the edge of the road while we follow a different horizon. And this can be learnt from our parents, had they left us halfway, we would still be crawling with the sharp sand!


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