Gaining and Giving, two Gs, which either make you a self-centred soul or a selfless soul. What do you choose from these two? While most of us would choose both, it is not an easy task to maintain a balance between these two. It is similar to seesaw, if one rises the other tends to fall. It might be an unaccepting truth, but we all are hard-wired when it comes to giving, be it love or a share of our things. Do you give away a brand new cloth which you had dreamt of having since long? While some may say a yes, it will be a big fat no for many. Why would you give away something you had dreamt of for so long? Giving does not just require a generous heart, rather it is a collection of how you feel, why are you doing this and for what is the reason to do so. Remember those people we met on the street, who stood under the scorching sun with a stretched hand to get something to eat. From streaks of personal experiences, we either tend to believe their existence as an illusion or give them the leftovers, because we are simply full. Saying that, not all of us are alike. And, so you might be treating others based on how you perceive them, and this comes from your values and growth. There are many who are working on this particular street, paving ways to help others who fall. 

Several non-governmental organisations, celebrities, sports personalities and the common people have indulged themselves in the work of giving. By doing this, they are trying to bridge the gap between earning and sharing. And those who are doing this noble activity, have either gone through similar days or have seen their closed ones go through or have maintained humility to mankind. They define that a change, an initiative starts from one and slowly spreads to mass. And these initiatives and people have found creative ways of giving back, so as to uplift and walk together. NGOs like Make a Difference(MAD), Teach for India (TFI) are continuously pursuing their aim in providing the nation’s future with education. Personalities like Virat Kohli, Akhshay Kumar, Sonu Sood, have been constant support to the nation, giving back to the society in times of severity. While they do give back to the society, they also inspire people who wait for a noble awakening. With this, the generations to come learn why it is necessary to give a share of what was and what is being accumulated at their homes. By giving, you not just balance the level of getting and sharing but also contribute to others walking in unity. Giving doesn’t mean showing off the wealth you have and it is not a means for you to attain fame and public appreciation. When you decide to give, it is about being there for those who are in the dark and continuously bridging the gap between advantaged and vulnerables. 

By giving to others, you bring unsaid joy to people and prayers that will let you find your way and your purpose. Here are the ways giving away shall uplift the society too.

  1. Joy to you, to others

Imagine, you walk on the street and find an old man with scanty clothes. If you give him a brand new t-shirt or some money or treat him to a small snack, there will ceaseless joy flowing. Your heart would feel relaxed and jittery in a good way and the old man will feel that there is still humanity. Rushing for success is good but you also need to be considerate to those around you. And take out time to help people. Be it a small or big giveaway, it must make you happy and the people happy to. 

  1. A positive mentality

Not many of you will believe it, but giving away will maintain a positive mentality among people. Again giving away is not just circumbrised to giving materialistic things, it can be a share of feelings and thoughts too. Imagine yourself at a park, watching a child weeping with a clean ball. You can make him happy by playing with him or telling him funny stories. By sharing emotions, feelings, words, we all will feel wrapped rather than alone. And this will take us to view life positively. 

  1. To know your soil to know your community

Volunteering yourself and coming forward to give, will let you know where you come from, where you live. When you step out to be a part of assisting in giveaways, distributing essentials to the needy community, you not only know what giving feels like, but you also connect. And this connection can be a chit chat with the natives, participation in awareness programmes and many more. All in all, being a part of giving to the nation, you also learn the stories of your community and get an insight into your roots. 

  1. Fading the gap of rich and poor

Giving away will definitely be a start for you to contribute in vanishing the gap between poor and rich. Often the huge amount of wealth, we tend to keep to ourselves, thinking it to be selfish to give away our hard work. But you need to reinforce the idea in your mind that you saw success with the help of people around you. There is always someone who supports you to walk, be it a family member or a total stranger. And so, you need to continue the same, help others to grow just like you, and you will also find some helping hand in future when you stumble. 

  1. Teach to lives about new suns

What will you do when you are the only one learning? You need people, you need many hands to shape the world you had dreamt off. And so, teaching the disadvantaged lives will uplift your dreams. Giving away your education, will reap you an ocean of it. With your experience you can teach the people about kindness, humility, patience and many more, so that they can dream of their own worlds too and pass it onto their coming lineage. 

  1. Ensuring safety and well-being 

What do you do when the wind howls and shivers your skin? We wear the best sweaters to protect ourselves from the wind and avoid the chances of catching a flu. But have you thought of those who are on the streets and under leaked roof? While you must be at a privilege and there might be nothing wrong, but you also need to be considerate to others. Giving away useful products to people will not only give you a sense of joy but it will also make you grateful for what you have. With this you will also ensure that your giving away is protecting someone from the same howling wind. 

Everything starts with you. If you have the will to find a way in giving your time, things and affection to someone, you will find it in the deepest trench too. We always perceive that things might lessen if we give out our stiffs and time, but on doing a reality check, it is false. Your life will only glow and brighten up when you start giving away. Apart from it , you also need to be clear with your intentions. Giving away, to show your gratitude to the less in comparison to you, taking a photo of what you are giving away, posting it only for the purpose of rising to fame, will only reveal your shallowness. If you want to give to society, let it be concealed, humble and link you more to people. As humans it is always difficult to act upon generosity because at some point, we all are concerned about ourselves. 

Loving yourself is not wrong but you should also know about those who are struggling to find ways so that they can love their lives. Today, you can also contribute your efforts of giving back to society through your homes. With technology knocking on each door of the world, many initiatives have their own websites and social pages, where you can enroll yourself to make a better future for the needy. Our giving away to society might turn someone’s day from dull to glimmers of hope. With giving, we build a nation , where there is inculcation of all the basic pillars. We provide opportunity to each other, we learn together, we fail together and we see beyond the skies. And who knows, that the future might get stronger when ideas from slums and remote areas make way into the city. In the words of Oprah Winfrey,”To move forward you need to give back.” And that is exactly what we need to see, if we want each one of us to go ahead without any hurdles. You need to remember that a flower only grows gigantic when different hands water it. The sky might be darker each day in a child’s eyes, you have the best way to be the sun, and that is by giving him one!

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