It was a regular morning on the second of September 2020, I woke up around 7:50 in the morning, but something felt really unusual. I got a bad vibe that morning; I concluded that I had a very severe body ache and little fever on analyzing what it was. Like any other person would do, I tried to ignore the pain and decided to go back to sleep. But I could not stop thinking about it, I woke up after two hours, and there was no recovery sign. It was then that I was sure that I had COVID to make sure if I had a fever, I checked my temperature, and it was just 99, but it felt like 103. All my family members woke up by that time, but as I mentioned, that day was unusual; my mother and brother were still asleep; however, my father had gone for a morning walk.

I went to see if my mother was fine. I saw her and touched her forehead. She was fine, and it was a relief, but my brother needed to be still checked. Then I went to see him when I touched him, it felt so bad as he had a high temperature. I almost started to cry, but that wasn’t the moment. Upon checking his temperature, it made the picture clear that we had COVID. The fear was so real I was petrified. I decided to go for a test the next day, but I had no symptoms. It was just a one-time thing, I had no pain or fever, but my feelings were strong. I then went for the test; while standing in the queue, all my emotions were on edge. I was just about to break down, but I somehow managed not to shed tears. It was my turn, then the lady brought a long stick which seemed like an earbud, but it was much thinner and long.

She then put it in my nose. It was excruciating. My test was done. I then had to wait for a few minutes to get my results; they were announcing the results. I heard my name and ran towards the policeman. He said ‘madam ap positive ho’ it was terrifying to just listen to it, everything slightly muted as if I could not hear. A few people called me there on my number, and they inquired about certain things. Driving back home, I was unable to think about anything. As I reached home, I could see two people sticking a poster in front of my gate, some neighbors were staring at me, and it was the worst feeling ever. I felt humiliated. All my family members were Covid positive now; I was the only one who was asymptomatic. My phone kept ringing days after I was tested positive most part of my day would go in talking to family and friends. When everyone was low on energy in my family, somebody had to do the household chores, so I made sure that I did it. As days passed, we lost sense of smell and feel of taste; nothing seemed edible by that time. There were days when I was so scared of it, but we recovered very fast as nobody had severe symptoms. Our days used began with a glass of turmeric water and ended with turmeric milk. All of us had recovered by the time our quarantine was over. On the last day, the workers of MCD removed the home isolation poster. It was a happy day for all of us. The fear of Coronavirus was much more daunting than the virus actually. The stigmatization regarding COVID is very prevalent even though so much information regarding the virus is available. 

Photo by Cade on Unsplash

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