Standing on one step before the summit, I quickly glanced back,
Gleeful and dreamy I thought I had a unique knack,
To have climbed past the hurdles along the way,
And success would be mine on the following day!

The wind had a torrential gait,
And here I was, although a bit too late.
Tears slid past my cheeks,
Panting and breathless, in victory I squeaked!

A joyful heart does ease a lot of physical pain,
One step before the summit, all you remember are the gains.
The personal victories and some to show to the crowd,
A li’l victory speech in my head and some words that I’ll shout out loud.

I turned back to take the last leap,
But something under my feet just creaked!
I looked in dismay as the ground gave way,
To cracks and gravel and off came the pathway!

I was tossed away by a gush of force,
The world covered in grey fumes, rising like a fountain from a source. 
The colourful rainbow of my dreams broke down in tiny parts
A fault line developed simultaneously in my meek startled heart. 

Do you also wonder - why sometimes an expert swimmer drowns?
Why his beloved ocean finds a day to frown?
To engulf him forever by draining his soul away,
And trap his flesh and bones forever in his favourite bay.

Like me today, many have found & lost,
In an instant - Love, dreams, beauty - forever tossed.
No one talks about the perils of dreaming 
No one notices the soundless screaming.

You feel me, do you?
Can you say it happened with you too?
Can you tell a tale of reaching the summit at last?
Can you tell me how soon this will be just a shadow in the past?

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