Fakebook, Stalkbook, or Lamebook but not Facebook. It’s a forum where everybody is more focused on impressing others instead of sharing the critical biography as you’d typically do if you “socialize” over a cup of coffee, “face to face.” Such is the irony of “Facebook.”

Out with friends for a movie: 8 people like this. Just felt an earthquake: 20 people like this. Facebook may be a force to reckon with. Suppose you’re not on Facebook or Instagram. In that case, you’re either outdated or sleep in a dark basement with no connection to the surface world.

Well, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with social networking. Though it’s going to be fun to use and maybe an excellent way to speak to friends, yet it’s actually replaced social human interaction as we once knew it. But what I’m trying to know is why we, as Facebook users, feel the necessity to “hide” behind our web personas using social networking as a tool to mask who we actually are and what we even think.

Technology, with its rapid climb, brings both good and bad effects to it. Cybercrimes, hacking, stealing of private information, and most significantly, Instagram scandals have emerged from technology misuse. With the so-called “camera technology ” in cell phones, making video clips has become very easy. The internet makes it even easier to circulate them. There you’ve got it!

Instagram is basically mind diverting due to its notifications. And if you’ve already turned on notifications for someone’s post or story, you will get back to back notifications.

It’s time-consuming. If you choose your phone to try to do some work like calculation or look something and from there, if you saw any Instagram notification and you open, you’ll just spend some time scrolling its feed ignoring your work.

INSTAGRAM is an addiction. People just can’t live without posting thereon. Some people even post 20–30 stories per day.

Not only this, the privacy settings are global and can’t be set for individual photos. The tech support isn’t great. If you experience errors browsing your Instagram feed (for example, if you can’t refresh it or it doesn’t post a photo), you’ll presumably get on your own to unravel the matter.

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Your own life is exposed to the entire world on the web. Your pictures, your videos as viral ones, your likes, dislikes then something…EVERYTHING is a call at the open and by ” your own choice.” People live their fantasies on every social media platform.

Also, suppose you are not selective about adding your friends on Facebook. In that case, you’ll be chatting with a 50-year-old “dude” from Singapore, pretending to be an 18-year-old “cheerleader” from Texas!

Facebook and Instagram, no doubt, are big distractions for today’s generation. Does one think today’s India would be possible if Nehru or Lala Lajpat Rai would have just “liked” Mahatma Gandhi’s status or joined the “quit India movement” Facebook group? NO!

They say, to ascertain is to believe; however, in today’s society, where the important life is consistently impacted by the web universe, what you see online isn’t true, especially not on Facebook. It’s a “virtual society.”
Glued to the screen like some quite affliction,
Welcome to Facebook & Instagram, the world’s latest addiction!

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