From quitting her job in the oil and gas industry to starting her own sustainable clothing line, Eileen Tan has hit it out of the park. With the current environmental condition of the planet, the need for an environmentally friendly lifestyle is even more important. Owing to this responsibility and her love for vintage clothing, Tan, with her partner Eden Tay started Vintagewknd. Vintagewknd aimed at being a sustainable alternative to rapid fashion, all in the name of reducing waste in the fashion business.

However, their journey was anything but easy. In 2015, Tay and Tan began collecting and selling vintage items on the internet marketplace Carousell on a part-time basis. It wasn’t until 2019 when they made the business their full-time job that they began to focus on sustainability. To cater to the ‘sustainability’ aspect of the brand, upcycling (converting waste materials or unwanted products into something useful) of waste materials from garment factories and production lines became a major factor of their production. 

A pile of scraps from old blue jeans, ready for recycling.


Now the duo has their own e-commerce store, while they raise the bar for pocket—and environmentally—friendly fashion higher and higher. Vogue Business states, “As pandemic restrictions & lockdowns ease in some parts of the world, intent to buy sustainable fashion is increasing, but barriers such as price, availability, and information still stand in the way, according to data collected by the Condé Nast Global Custom Insights Team that surveyed Vogue audiences worldwide.” From this, there seems to be nothing stopping Vintagewknd. Tan and Tay have made a successful career from what they called a ‘gig.’ 

The duo wants to continue doing its part in reducing the waste generated by the fashion industry. The couple also intends to make gift products or homeware. 

Written by: Samiksha

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