“Am I right or Am I right?” 
Juggling yeses and maybes in a wavering plight!
Am I caged in the human form?
Or is this a blessing? Can someone confirm?

I could dress up like a fairy tale,
Or sit clumped in my skin, like wasted ale!
Green or blue or turquoise?
I dwell in a dainty bubble full of noise. 

I know it’s too far from home,
But I also know that childhood is gone.
So, it does not matter if the mountains are still fresh as new,
They shone for me and they are shining still for their beloved few!

Aren’t I just a dot? ...the same as you?
Floating on spacetime and jiggling like morning dew.
Straddling on cosmic strings...
Ever stretching our invisible wings!

We live in duality and that’s a bland truth,
Living in the reverse direction, starting from our youth.
For whatever wealth we may amass,
There is undying greed for greener grass!

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