Saints say death is not an end; it’s a new beginning for your soul. I thought I am not afraid of death more, but when I see the death of one of my friend’s, It’s given me chills to my spine, goosebumps to my body, freezes my blood and chills out my brain. I literally stop breathing as if my heart stops apart. I am just going out of my body; my soul wants to leave my body; it’s a lethal experience, gives me a immortal, emotional and physical breakdown. I had never thought of myself crying like this; it just makes me feel what happens when death touches you. If I experience these, I can’t imagine how she was going through it, how her family members going through it. It’s more than heartbreak , it’s more than just absence, its defeat of humanity as today’s world all of us are a patient of depression. Help each other stand up within, please don’t lose you loved ones, help each other I request you kindly, one kind touch, one kind word, can save many lives, please!

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