All the successful and budding entrepreneurs, what is one of the prime things that derive most of the customer leads to your business? It’s the revolutionary Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. Most of you may not be even aware of this so let me break it up for you. 

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a business module adopted by several brands to improve their image and develop a reputation by getting involved in social and environmental activities for the welfare of masses. 

Why Should You Consider Adopting CPR?

If you are affected by 2019-nCov, now is the chance to get all the business back on track. CSR not only helps you to achieve the corporate goal but also sets up a sensitive image in your consumers’ minds.

It is indeed one of the best ways to present your firm works for the community and not just for personal benefits. 68% of the customers prefer services from those organizations which directly contribute to some social cause or the other. 

When your firm volunteers for a social cause, you are indirectly advertising your brand. Although this can add up to the budget, frequent volunteering, and taking part in social events draw more attention to customers and investors rather than plain marketing. 

Does CSR Mean Work For Your Customers and Investors Only?

CSR has a deeper meaning than just merely volunteering. As the name suggests, when you’re adopting CSR, you’ve got big social responsibilities on your shoulders. 

Ever since 2019-nCOV came into action, people are getting affected and have succumbed to death. In such an adverse situation, CSR could be put into action effectively, but since one cannot violate the terms of social distancing, it has become difficult to implement the same. 

The CSR model is based on human interaction and showing empathy towards those who are affected. Amidst the pandemic, the whole concept of being physically present has been wiped out. Volunteers can hardly be present near those who are severely distressed and offer help. It poses a great difficulty to implement the solutions. 

One of the important social responsibilities is to take care of the well-being of the people, which includes your employees too. The pandemic is still active but what the firms can do right now is to keep a check on their employees ensuring that they are mentally and financially fit. Even small actions like these can put CSR into action indirectly while maintaining the reputation of the organization. Further, it will create an intimate relationship between employers and employees. 


India, as we know, is a developing country and has tremendous potential to come up as the best. But all it takes right people leading in the right direction. Gen Y is the upcoming change-makers, and it is important to groom them in a conscious corporate world. CSR is the way to make the world a better place. 

Besides, you’ll be making more profits than before. Either way, adopting CSR is a win-win situation. So why not get the best out of it? It’s time to keep up with the changes to remain the best in the industry.

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