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The global COVID-19 pandemic has given people a reason to enjoy staying at home! People worldwide are constantly streaming the latest movies and shows over the internet, and what better way to spend your weekend or late nights than doing this? 
Binging shows, and watching movies has become one of the best pastimes and a self-care method that people aren’t hesitating to choose. India hasn’t lacked in terms of having its own OTT platforms, and over the years, the competition has only gotten stronger. There are various streaming platforms available right now in India, such as Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Voot, ZEE5, and many more. 

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With an array of streaming options, it is pretty confusing on which platform to watch what? Every streaming platform is unique in its own way. Before landing on a particular OTT platform, most people check which subscription plans actually fit their budget. 
Disney+ Hotstar is one of the most subscribed OTT platforms in India. It provides users with many TV shows, movies, original content, live sports, original Disney content, and much more. 

Since the pandemic we have heard the news about how the air is less polluted, waters have remained cleaner, and so forth. But with various countries going back to normalcy, and the cyclone that hit India’s West and East coast earlier this month, Climate change has become a lesser-known topic. Climate change needs to be spoken about now, before things only get worse for our environment.  We need to delve deeper into the issue, and what better way than to watch documentaries to help us understand our environment better. 

Here’s a list of climate change documentaries that one should watch, and which are readily available on Disney+ Hotstar:
1) Years of Living Dangerously (2014 – 2016)
Produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and veteran producers from 60 Minutes. This award-winning television series focuses on how celebrities and journalists like Don Cheadle, Thomas Friedman, Jessica Alba, and Harrison Ford, travel worldwide to interview experts on the climate crisis and ordinary people who are affected by it. Among the stories told is the reporting of Matt Damon on the impact of global heatwaves on health, Journalist Lesley Stahl’s examination on the fate of the Arctic by traveling to Greenland, and a vision of the future of Bangladesh by Michael C. Hall. 

2) Before the Flood (2016)

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio took a step further in his environmental journey through the documentary Before the Flood. The UN Messenger of Peace also spent two years investigating the root cause and consequences of climate change throughout the world, right from melting glaciers in Greenland and the Arctic to deforestation in Indonesia because of the palm oil industry. It is an important documentary, as well as one of the excellent documentaries for the people who aren’t quite as familiar with the realities of climate change, or know what is at stake, etc. The documentary team gives us a virtual tour of all the locations that have been affected by climate change, and how the poorest countries are suffering from the impact. 

3) Paris to Pittsburgh (2018)

Paris to Pittsburgh brings to life the passionate endeavors of those confronting the most serious threats to planet earth, right in their backyards – climate change. The documentary focuses on the national debate over the US’s energy future and the eruptive decision of the Trump administration to exit the Paris Climate Agreement. The film showcases what is at stake for those communities worldwide, and the courageous ways Americans were responding. This documentary pushes you to help the world. If you are wondering what you can do on a local level to contribute towards the aim of the Paris Climate Agreement, and don’t want to wait for the government to act on it, this documentary is for you.

The documentary is directed by Sidney Beaumont – National Geographic filmmaker, and documentarian Michael Bonfiglio. The citizens had protested against Trump’s decision, which led to a national movement in cities in and around America that pledged to uphold the Paris goals and commit to using 100 percent renewable energy. The documentary further also speaks to geologists, local settlers, climate scientists, and politicians to better understand what these cities will do to achieve this. It included renewable energy efforts in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, hammered by extreme weather events like Hurricane Maria, which caused widespread power outages, and Miami, Florida, was affected by flooding from rising sea levels.

4) Ice on Fire (2019)

Is climate change reversible? Leonardo DiCaprio produced Ice on Fire, and it showcases just how bad things are getting whilst offering hope by concentrating on realistic proposals that can help in climate change and possibly reverse its effects. Ice on Fire explores the numerous to reduce the carbon inputs to the environment and how to draw carbon by bringing the CO2 out of the atmosphere and therefore paving the way for global temperatures to go down. The documentary also shows activists and scientists
discussing what can be done to preserve our planet. In case you are yet to understand the outcome of climate change truly, Ice on Fire will surely be a huge wake-up call.

Given the current situation, it is understandable why COVID-19 news, and information is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But with the upcoming crucial UN summit that will take place in November in Glasgow had led to the warnings by experts on how 2020 was the deadline for various countries to ramp up the environmental efforts to prevent causing irreversible damages.

While we all are at home or barely moving out of the house, streaming these documentaries on Disney+ Hotstar that will not only up your IQ but also help you stay abreast of the actions urgently required to save our planet’s future.

Written by: Edlyn Cardoza

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