Waiting at the door…

Lying in bed, I used to hear
The yapping of a dog in my ear

I used to admire you from afar
Because people use to say what if you give me a scar?

There is enough sorrow in a natural way
From men and women to fill our day

But you came into my heart one day
My dear companion
So affectionate, so smart
Made me realize I have loved you from the start.

Coming home all tired, still makes me ecstatic
Because you are there wagging at the door
After all the days that you have snored.

As is said, all good things must come to an end
I know that time would come,
When we would have to part.

You will never be forgotten,
As you have left your paw prints on my heart.

My dear companion
So affectionate, so smart
Made me realize I have loved you from the start.

A light to be seen

A light to be seen

The life seemed to be going well,

Humans were all ready to dwell .

But the nature was dooming ,

Is there anyone who saw this coming ?

Now inevitable is around the corner ,

Still all we desiring for , is to be conformer .

Religion isn’t the solution after all ,

Science is the only one which can make us jump the wall .

The spring is still here outside,

The birds can be seen in their joyride .

But inside , the people are in flames,

Cursing each other , putting out the blames .

Oaths have been taken to save lives ,

When it was on the edge of knifes .

The doctors and caretakers made us believe ,

Heroes do exist, not wearing capes but surely i white and blue .

We are were so into the divinity,

It took a virus to know the humanity .

We need to stand together,

Or we will lose it altogether.

The solidarity is a need ,

So that we can have enough to feed .

We need to overcome this dark night ,

Because tomorrow again, we’ll see the light .


It really sucks,

Being stuck. 

Nowhere to go 

Can you see me? 

Standing on the edge 

On the peak of some mountain,

Either I can just be here forever, 

Or I can just take the leap of faith. 

It’ll maybe have some bad result, 

But at least will turn over the guilt. 

All this sounds insane 

But trust me, I have never been this sane!

We need to do this, 

Once and for all, 

Just end it right there or 

Never bring it up again.


by Ritika Khattar


Sometimes the one who drives your expensive car goes home walking

Bearing all the unjust, violence and mocking.

The one who guards crores of your money doesn’t gets his money on time

Why isn’t beating an impoverished- lower class or denying them a livelihood a crime?

Sometimes the one who delivers the pizza to you in 30 minutes sleeps empty stomach

 And you think the money in your pocket makes you superior.  Ugh

Sometimes the one who makes your tall buildings has a roof leaking when it’s raining.

They treat you with love and respect even when they’re drowsy and draining.

When fate hands us money, let’s help them

and the ones who mistreat the poor will be condemned

Ask your worker if you could quench his thirst

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed

For he shares his bread with the poor

After all, they’ve a right to be treated with love, respect and honour.

This world is filled with givers and takers.

The takers might eat greater

But the givers sure sleep better.


-Ritika Khattar

“You do not just wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process!” – Rupi kaur

So keep improving yourself and working on yourself until you bloom!

Wearing a ring but I am not going to be a missus.

Why don’t you master and earn diamonds  than those shitty kisses

These people don’t think about you now

So why don’t you empower yourself ,oh wow!

Rather than being dejected about the ravage

Why don’t you metamorphose yourself  into a savage?

These people come, suck your energy and leave

So why don’t you pursue everything that  you believe?

You have to stand strong, kind and brave

Just to achieve everything that you crave.

Stop wasting time on people who aren’t even worth a second of it

Rather make yourself brilliant, affluent and fit

Doesn’t making great deposits, writing your cheques

Sound better than these tiny words exes and their pecks

Chase your dreams, cut your distraction

Focus on your grind, goals and glow up because you have to be an inspiration!