Having left the one I adored trying to nourish a dried patch,

a lone spirit,

 with no specific movement to rest and lay.

Getting up is an easy yet painful task.

No one there to lend a hand, I ask,

Crossing the lines of the nations.

 Fake smiles and tied up motions 

Had to behave like nothing had happened, 

But something beautiful I was about to captain. The sail of the boat I thought had drowned,

Appeared again with a breezing resound. 

A smile was enough to give me hope,

And it taught me how to cope.

The person joyous full of life,

Showed me the path for which I should strive. Amity grew and I craved for more,

But she had already said,

Even though it was sad, 

But maybe someday, 

something can be said and done.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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