Let’s first understand what Autism means. When a person faces problems while interacting with others, they recognize repetitive behaviour hindering their daily activities or lack communication skills. All of these together or individually point towards a mental disorder known as Autism. 

Autism day is observed on 2nd of April. This day marks that autistic people should get all the right they deserve, if not every day but at least one day, to think about their problems and how important it is to think about their solutions. 

Every year the respective organization sets a theme for this day. This year the theme is ‘ Light it up blue‘, organized by the Autism Speaks organization. The theme so is set to spread awareness about Autism and help those autistic people in need. It can symbolize calm and acceptance in a world that can be very loud and challenging sometimes.

Since 1963 we have an iconic autism symbol in a puzzle form either solid or rainbow-coloured. In the same way, we have infinite symbols to symbolize the love for math and numbers.

The UK National Autistic Society uses clashed hands with different colours to represent the difference between an autistic person and a normal one. This symbolizes the art of acceptance and support for those in suffering. 

You know all these themes and symbols are just a simple yet innovative way of expressing your support to those people. These people go through a lot which we can’t even imagine. If we do not support them or accept them, it creates much mental pressure, worsening their condition. 

So this autism day, show your support to autistic people and help them to recover soon. 

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