Autism is a developmental, mental disorder. The people suffering from this encounter difficulty in social interaction, or repetitive thoughts or behavior and communication problems. Autism is one of five developmental disorders included under the umbrella of Pervasive Developmental Disorders. 

Autism is a very complex disorder that is life long. Parents are most likely to face all the child’s struggles as they are closest to their child. The autistic person goes through severe mental health issues along with autism. They are socially isolated, few or no friends, social taunts, differently treated and more. All these social problems add to their disorder which leads to severe mental health issues. 

Firstly, parents are not able to recognize the problem. They might feel if the child is non verbal then he or she is a deep thinker or if the child doesn’t interact socially then they think they are mature enough to handle everything. The condition is triggered by lots of stress, depression, anxiety, helplessness, and the parents’ mental breakdown. 

The most important treatment for this is a diagnose, which is hard to find. And that too the right diagnose. Parents fight a lot to get the proper treatment for their child. They shift states or even countries for the treatment. The condition worsens in rural areas where people don’t get the right resources or diagnosis for their child. 

Our society has set those perfect child standards which have no place for, especially abled children. They point to them due to their “bad karma” or “sin” of past life. They even think that it’s the result of their parents’ evil deeds, which they deserve. The child faces education problems, career problems, along with those mental problems. 

Even we have cases where the professional can’t help these people recover, which is a genuine problem because this disorder is so complex. Many times parents take professional sessions to help their child in the best possible way. They know the principle that professionals know the best even when they are well educated and updated about the problem. This shows their serious concern towards their children that they don’t want to risk their lives in any cases. 

We need to understand that being differently-abled is not a sin, nor is it the parent’s fault. It’s just so normal that anybody can have it. Isolating that person not giving the proper treatment is not the cure. The support, the care and love you provide is the most considerable treatment which they need. They know they are suffering from a very complex problem. They might look physically fit and healthy, but inside they are suffering from a severe issue. 

 We have many NGOs working with them one of them is “Tanya foundation” which is doing a fabulous job, we need more of such kind. These are the right places with almost all the facilities that your child needs, right from the therapist, education, counselling sessions, and many more. If you want to help them, you can volunteer in these NGOs of your choice and reach out to them.

They don’t need your sympathy; they don’t want any advice sessions. They simply need to be accepted. So this autism day, stop giving sympathy to them start accepting them.

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