The changing dynamics of the publishing industry

Over the past years, the publishing industry has undergone various remarkable changes. While these changes are the most interesting and exciting at the same time. These have paved the way for many opportunities and also kicked out some old publishing methods.
These changes have been dynamic for writers, publishers, and readers. With the evolution of technology, things are not the same as they were a decade ago. This one-tap feature is the game changer in this industry.
All these changes offer the writers opportunities to outshine their work and prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges.

  1. Ebooks gaining popularity
    With the world becoming digital, the publishing industry introduced the most awaited reading service at your fingertips. This turned out to be the revolution of the publishing industry. People were waiting to take advantage of this. Actually, this comes with countless benefits for the readers and writers as well. The most exciting is that reading is just one tap away. Surf the net and, in one click, find the piece of work to read. It’s actually convenient and helpful to cater to the needs of people.
    According to a Pew Research Center report, only 25% of U.S. adults read an ebook in the last year. The books’ explosive growth seems to be flattening out in recent years, signaling that digital formats may have plateaued in popularity.
    Although there are book readers who are likely to carry their magazines and books to read. This technology comes with both opportunities and challenges. It’s hard to maintain the old readers and attract new readers. Trends and changes continue to occur; all that matters is the strategy to remain in the market and grow. There is no match between physical and digital copies of reading but unexpected things deemed to-be happen.
  2. Rising slope of audiobooks
    Audiobooks have shown remarkable growth in the past years. It’s the perfect use of technology to cater your services to the people. Every individual owns a smartphone, and is the most used gadget, so this method makes a perfect balance of trend and opportunity simultaneously.
    Music is the youth’s favorite activity, so with the popularity of music streaming and podcasts, audiobooks are overtaking the race.
    As music videos and podcasts are the new way of contacting the listeners, so audiobooks also fulfill the purpose. In just the past 4 years, the percentage of adults listening to titles has nearly doubled, and the trend only seems to be on an upward trajectory. Publishers are under operational and financial pressure to maintain multiple revenue streams and manage their titles across an array of formats and channels.
    It’s no matter a great source of books, but physical books have their own essence. It needs to maintain really high standards to be competitive in the industry.
  3. Decreasing independent book-stores
    With the emergence of technology, these kinds of book-stores lost popularity. Gone are the days of standing in the book store and reading your favorite comic or novel. These are replaced by mega book-stores. Books and readers have a deep relationship that can’t be understood. Those old book readers will stick to the traditional reading materials ,but this does not attract the new generation much. Independent book-stores support our creativity. Open the door to new thoughts and better ideas. Books have helped shape the minds of the most creative and innovative thinkers.
  4. Linguistic trend
    Now no more Hindi and English are the languages to read by most readers. Now people are demanding writing in their own local languages, whether it be Tamil or Sanskrit. Local languages are charging the way of reading. There is another level of connection and belongingness while reading in our own mother tongue. People understand more and connect more in their own local language.
    Translated books are coming over past, but these days the trend is of our own mother tongue. Thus, the local language writers can come up with no linguistic barrier with the real world of reading.
  5. Novels and short stories lose some steam
    Over time the novels and short stories have lost their touch. With the introduction of these Netflix, Hotstar, and all kinds of platform novels lost their fame. Actually, people find video content more engaging than reading these days. Thus, it is the new trend of youth to pass their leisure time and watch storied videos.
    While data from the ‘National Endowment for the Arts’ shows a three-point slide in popularity, which they deem statistically significant, the fall from 45% to just below 42% (in the last 15 years) feels like a slow, steady decline. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go now take up an estimated 5 hours of the average American’s day.
    This comes with an opportunity for the writers to produce licensed stories to be depicted in front of the screen. It’s a new way of reading novels, just it has become instead of reading it is watching novels and short stories.
  6. Evergreen poetry
    Poetry is the most creative and effective way of writing and reading. It gives immense pleasure to the soul of the readers as well as the writers. Social media played a significant role in its popularity. As most of the people are on their social media handles reading something every minute. They started sharing and promoting the write-ups, and after seeing this, the writers took this as an opportunity to stand out in the competition.
    Many pages and accounts are being created just for poetry and quotes to be shared. This works as simple lines and short masterstroke of emotions directly hitting the reader.
  7. Self-publishing
    This has changed the traditional publishing model as most of the writers prefer to publish online. Here most followed or a generous number of followers are enough to grade up your sale. Social Media plays a significant role as it enables one-to-one interaction. The self-publishing model could shift some of the financial risks away from imprints as authors test new titles and markets.
    Trends change, and so does the tastes of the consumer. We need to examine and adopt the changes. Every change challenges us to adapt for the better and opens up a door to outstand the market.

How to write engaging content

A  piece of content is engaging when it directly hits the heart of the reader. An engaging content astonishes the reader’s eyes and leaves a deep impression on the reader’s heart.  Your article should be appealing to people.  Motivational content should be, which ignites a fire inside the person after reading that. 

Every content should be fresh and offer a new perspective to the readers.  People majorly prefer to read fresh and crisp content. 

If you write stories, then the reader should get lost in the world you have created. The storyline should take the readers to the imaginary world created by your story and feel as if it is real. 

If you write comics, then the reader should laugh hardest. They should feel elated by reading it and forget the past worries and problems at least for some time.

If you are into romantic quotes or poems, it should be so touchy that the readers smile after reading, relate to it, etc. 

Ways to write engaging content –

Crisp  and  to the point 

A writer should always consider this point while writing anything. Long – length content is ignored by the readers. We live in a world where every person is busy with or occupied with their works.  So they don’t have much time to spend in long paragraphs. In the busy schedule, they usually read short and to the point content. So keeping our content crisp is most engaging and effective. Remember you are writing for your readers, not search engines, so keep it short and straightforward. 

Diverse content 

Diversifying your content paves the way to add value to your content. If you are a text writer, then introduce graphics, images, videos, quotes, etc. They grab readers’ attention, which in return brings traffic to your content.  Imagine your content by having relevant photos, videos, and graphics.  That’s the other beauty of your content. 

Catchy beginning and end 

Begin your writing with some catchy quotes or short poems.  The simple text is not so exciting to read. It adds quality to your content, makes your content high quality. 

Error-free content 

Your piece of writing should not contain any errors. It would be best if you rechecked your work to avoid any mistakes. Mistakes look vague and also sometimes diverts the concept of the content. Even the readers get confused and don’t understand the actual content. This leads to a waste of time and effort. So avoiding mistakes is a must. 

Connect with  your readers 

Write in a simple and sweet tone to connect with the reader. Making a connection with your readers is of utmost importance; this helps to retain the audience. Whenever someone visits your content, they should feel connected. Use local examples, accidents, or cases. This makes them related to your content. 

Use proper headings and subheadings. 

While writing anything, you should follow the proper way of headings and sub-headings. This makes the content look formal and easy to read. Usually, readers scan the content by going through the titles and subheadings. So keep it accordingly to make it readable. 

Relateable content

Make your content as per the requirements of the reader so that they can relate to it. This helps in making connections between your content and the reader. When they can relate to what you have written, then they find it more interesting to read. This also makes them emotional at some point of time when it comes to something like memories or stories. 

Go according to the format.

Following the proper format is the first thing while writing any content. Whether it is an article, poem, newsletter, or anything, every content should be according to the pre-defined format.  

Highlight the important ones 

Use the technique of highlighting the essential parts of your content. Also, you can use bright colors or different styles of writing to highlight the features you want. 

Highlightation also makes the scanning of information manageable and serves the purpose of the researchers. 

Make it shareable

If you haven’t already added those social media widgets, you’re missing out! If readers like your blog, there’s a high chance they’ll want to share it. Don’t make that hard for them. Use social media widgets and icons to make your content shareable with merely a click of a button. Remember, by sharing; they’re doing more for you than for themselves.

Write interesting titles 

The title is like the cover of the book; it has to be interesting. Use some exciting and interesting titles because if your title is boring or not catchy, the readers will not read what’s inside.  No matter how much effort you put into the subject, the potential to drive traffic is in the title.  Think thoroughly about and then decide. 

Provide examples and  facts 

To prove your point or to increase the credibility of your content, use appropriate examples and facts. This makes the readers believe that you have researched a lot before writing and builds trust between your readers and your content. 

Be realistic 

We all know that all writers have their style and touch to their piece of content. You, too, need to write in your unique style to outshine the list. Also, along with this, be the real you and add your views and perspectives to it.  Every person thinks differently and has different opinions, so share your point of view. This is all being creative in your way while being natural. 

Edit before publishing 

Always edit your content before publishing or uploading anywhere. You might miss out on any point or forget to add or remove any line.  So it’s better to edit once to give it a final touch before letting it go out to the public to read. 

Be consistent 

Engagement comes with consistency; if you start writing, then stick to it.  Be punctual and true to your readers. Post or publish your content in a continuous series or manner.  It shouldn’t be like something has been posted today, and the other one is coming after weeks or months. No!  Please be continuous to your work. Plan and make a schedule, then work accordingly.  If you promise your readers to post something today, then that should be done today positively, no delays except in dire emergencies. 

Be appealing to relevant happenings. 

Your readers want to know your views on things happening around them. Apart from your work, the readers are always interested to see what you think about whatever is going on or on some hot topics. So keep a track on that too. Share your views or opinions on social media or other platforms whichever suits you. 

Be active on social media.

Apart from your work, you need to be active on social media, which is the need of the hour. Readers want to follow and know more about their favorite writers. They want to be connected to the writers whom they like. So be active on social media and keep it updated. You can use social media to announce your new work or content coming or events you are attending.

Use lists 

When lots of items or information are included, you can use a list to make it readable. This is not used mostly but wisely according to the content. Lists can be engaging to readers as they’re easy to follow and understand. Additionally, lists are easy to skim and provide immediate information without reading large amounts of text.

Use Keywords

Keywords will help increase your search engine ranking, but they’ll also help you stay on topic and create content that is more engaging and interesting. Stay true to your title and keywords throughout the post to ensure that all content you’re creating is relevant.

Outshine your passion 

Usually, writers are passionate about what they write. Then use your story of passion for telling your audience. Tell the path you followed, your journey, including the ups and downs. If you love writing about feminism, then tell why you wrote on those topics, what inspired you to take up the action. 

Tell your story 

Also, along with your content in whichever category you write, tell your story like when it started, how you communicated, and what inspired you to write. Tell all the struggles you faced along with the achievements. This gives an inside picture of the writer to the readers, and they are keenly interested in knowing all this. Narrating your journey inspires other writers to start.

So, keeping all these points in mind, the quality of content can go to the next level. The more you invest your time in creating your content by following the ways to be effective, the more it connects to the readers and leaves a long-lasting impression.