April fools day is not just for pranks and making fun. For the big business houses and even small businesses it’s a matter of opportunity to be in trend. April fools day marketing bring in the customers attention and tap in the traffic with their innovative branding ideas, strategies, and marketing campaigns. 

Brands such as BMW, YouTube and Google have embraced April Fools’ Day Marketing and celebrated the day  by their strategic planning

You know even you reading this have an opportunity to market your products, build your online or offline presence, rank on #1 trend. Just don’t waste your time, grab up  your employees and start your campaign or launch this April fools day. 

Some of them are listed below :


BMW is well known for its automobiles and  also April fools day marketing spoofs. This time it planned to another level and executed it really well . It announced the launch of the BMW M3 Royal Edition.


What if you can smell computer devices and gadgets? Sounds interesting right!  This smelling technique to identify whether it is good or bad. That means, instead of searching for information and images, users could also discover what things smell like. And this technique was called  Google nose. But that’s the  twist to the  story,  if you also did the  same  thing. Aww how innocent you are! It’s April fools day man!!! That means it’s not true. 


Breaking news for the smart-phone users. Not having time  for relating  your broken phones glass?  We have got your back. Laughing autoglass, it has revealed self-repairing glass for phones that automatically fixes cracks. Oops!! It’s April fools day. 

Discount products 

Sale! Sale! Sale! All the people from the name “Namel” can buy tops worth $50 for only $15. Come on hurry up.  Don’t miss this opportunity. 

Looks like a real offer right, but my dear  people you all are caught. Firstly, the name is very unique and rarely found and secondly it’s April fools day. Offering a discount to grab buyers’ attention immediately. 


YouTube has  a different appearance  this  April fools day, it was related to 1911with video clips apparently from the era.

 It kicked off proceedings with a campaign celebrating its 100th birthday. 


Hey dear men’s men’s out there, we have  got something special for you. Are you worried from your chapped uneven lips. Don’t worry!  Launching men’s tips to cure all your problems. It’s teamed up with Vaseline to launch a lip care treat infused with the staple Marmite flavour. But be careful! It’s April fools day today. 

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