Sometimes you are happy but sad,
Sometimes you are surrounded by people but feel alone,
Sometimes you are physically active but mentally lost.

Have you ever kept a fake smile on your face? Just pretending to be ‘okay’ but deep inside you are feeling dead. You kill your happiness and compromise for others. The future is unpredictable. Everyone wants to ensure their future is bright and perfect. Hence, living a life with daily schedule tends to form a boring shape. Here, you need to find your personal interests. And when you don’t then you start losing your inner charm.
Lack of confidence drives you into negative area. Overthinking hits you as if someone hit a hammer on your head. You worry because you are in pain and peer pressure. Pain is full of regret. So, remove regret feeling and find a positive aspect. The feeling of worry or fear about something gives birth to anxiety. You start feeling nervous and panic a lot. We all feel anxious and stressful. It is normal to be anxious.

But depression has different meaning. In this type of condition, you are entirely lost. You start losing interest in activities you once loved. You stop interacting with people. Insecurities trap you into a cage. A beautiful life seems to be a burden. Suicidal clouds seem to float in your mind.
Anxiety and depression are mental health disorders. If you find them similar then you need to know the difference between them.
Difference Between Anxiety and Depression
1. Anxiety is a common term used by every second person. You might have heard it from your friends or colleagues. Depression is a very serious illness.
2. Anxiety has different forms. It involves panic disorders, stress, phobias, adjustment disorders, nervousness. Whereas, Depression deals with one type of behavior repeatedly. For instance, guilt, helplessness, worthlessness, death or suicidal thoughts.
3. Anxiety is experienced for a short time period. For example: when life is messed up, you tend to feel low. Suddenly, an opportunity knocks at your door. You relieve yourself from anxiety. But Depression can hold you stuck and unhealthy for a longer period of time.
4. Anxiety can be positive also. You will shockingly ask. How? Well, researchers found that anxiety helps people to avoid fatal accidents. Whereas, Depression is like a fatal accident. It is full of negativity.

Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a state where a person worries or fears about something. The strange factor about GAD is – the person is unable to detect or express what exactly is the reason for worry.
Some common physical symptoms are
● Low concentration
● Low remember power
● Fatigue
● Racing heart
● Sleeping problem
● Mostly tired
Emotional symptoms of Anxiety are
● Irritability
● Restlessness
● Panic
● Low controlling power
Depression deeply hurts you physically and mentally both. It keeps on playing with your positive feelings and fills you with negative thoughts.
Physical symptoms of depression are
● Low energy
● Concentration level drops down
● Problem in decision making
● Gastrointestinal problems
● Sudden weight loss or gain
● Bad sleeping habits
● Oversleeping

Emotional symptoms of depression are
● Loss of interest in activities, hobbies, habits
● Pessimistic feeling
● Underestimating yourself
● Sadness, loneliness, anxious
● Irritability, angry
● Worthlessness, helplessness, guilty
● Death or suicidal thoughts
● Suicidal attempts (Major cases)

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How to overcome these situations?
Well, as you can find out these two terms are still similar to some extent. Before consulting a doctor or specialist. You can check yourself whether you can recover or not. It’s good if you are at the initial stage then you will recover soon. If not, then consultants are all there for you.
1. Feel Free, Not Your Fault – Don’t be the over judging type of person. You may not judge others but definitely you judge yourself a lot. Every time telling yourself it’s my fault for no reason. Undoubtedly, it kills your confidence level. Stop overthinking because it will make you anxious and guilty. Try to remind yourself – you are not a coward, but a warrior.
2. Sleep Schedule – Resting is equally important like eating. So, if you don’t sleep or sleep a lot. Then, change your sleeping habits. Your brain needs to work and coordinate well. Laziness and bad sleep can make your day stressful. You will not feel productive and enthusiastic. People who don’t sleep, it is again a big problem. Your body needs rest for at least six to eight hours.
3. Making Journals – If you really feel racing thoughts, negativity prevails and disturbs you. Then, start journaling on a regular basis. Many people don’t like writing. Then, they can try painting, dancing, singing etc. to calm themselves. Still just try journaling once for 30 days. You will find a difference. Spill your thoughts and feelings on a paper is wonderful. Don’t impress people but impress that blank paper. Therefore, that paper will hold your story. Read them and find out is there really a problem or you are producing it.
4. Healthy Diet – Eat healthy and nutritious food. Feed and nourish your body with fruits, vegetables and nuts. Avoid caffeine intake and junk food. Caffeine makes sleep poor and disturbed. It captivates your mind.
5. Enjoy Things – Do whatever you want to. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy things. When you start losing interest in something, or don’t like things surrounding you, walk outside in free air and nature. Pressurizing and uninteresting activities easily drain your energy.
6. Talk More – Share your feelings with your close ones. Your friends and family are always ready to solve your dark problems. They will support and encourage you to the fullest. Don’t keep secrets inside your head. Share with one person but share it. What happens you are too stressed. Problems are never ending process. You hide one, two, three then four and many more. Now, your brain is full of pressure. Even, small things appear to be huge mess. Throw them out one by one and see the beautiful life sailing freely.
7. Go Out and Enjoy – Hanging out with friends can be helpful and enthusiastic. Living at same place and for longer period of time is irritating. Leave your comfort zone, leave the corner of your room and look outside world. Travelling and exploring is best way to refresh your anxious mind.

Major effects of anxiety and depression

Central nervous system
Stress hormones are released by the brain. Anxiety and panic attacks are reasons for causing stress hormones. Stress hormones can be of two types: One is adrenaline and another is cortisol. Adrenaline is for short term. It doesn’t show much impact. Cortisol is harmful for the nervous system because it is for a long run.
While in depression sadness, worthlessness, helplessness, guilt, loneliness may have adverse effects on the brain. The brain may stop responding and find interest in activities. Headache, chronic body ache and pain may eat up the enthusiastic mind.

Cardiovascular system
Anxiety can increase heart rate, blood pressure, palpitations and chest pain. It may involve risk for high blood pressure patients. It harms coronary events, so people with high blood pressure or heart disease need to relax and calm down themselves.
Heart diseases are triggered in most people who suffer from depression, so heart attacks seem to be common in depression. The willingness to not feel interested in any work makes body low.

Excretory and digestive system

Anxiety affects and raises gastrointestinal problems like stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and other digestive issues. Loss of appetite is also found in some cases.

Respiratory system
For a person suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problem, Anxiety can worsen the situation instantly. It can make the breathing process rapid. In such cases hospitalization is mandatory. Oxygen cylinders must be available. Otherwise a patient may suffer a lot of pain and in severe cases he/she may die.

Therapies and Doctor Consultations
Consult a doctor only if you get severe symptoms like sleeping problems, emotional symptoms, loss of interest, sudden change in weight, death or suicidal thoughts. Take an appointment with your doctor. Tell them everything. For instance, what you are feeling and How do you respond to other things?
Anxiety and depression are not normal terms. If these are becoming uncontrollable, then you surely need a psychiatrist or psychologist. Do not hesitate or feel ashamed about it. These are disorders. They don’t define your abilities and capabilities. Recovery is possible in both cases.

Therapy and Medication
Anxiety and depression have different therapies for different types. A consultant or doctor can tell what type of will suit you. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, problem-solving therapies can be helpful.
Medications such as antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, mood stabilizers are really helpful. These are drugs used to calm down a patient. The medication is not for general anxiety and panic attacks. You should always ask a doctor and their recommendations.

Today’s Scenario
As a generation that casually keeps using phrases like “I am feeling so depressed” or “I had a panic attack” like it means nothing, we need to be more mindful. You can simply throw around in your casual conversations to feel ‘bougie’ or simply because you feel like using these terms.
Life is mysterious and miserable. Everyone faces equal problems. The difference is some people don’t show and some share it. Some convert their problems into challenges and some end up doing overthinking. Here, problem begins. Specially, today’s youth is more into depression or mental health. ‘N’ number of failures turns on suicidal mode. Well, suicide should not be an option or priority to the end.
As said earlier you frequently make your surroundings full of negativities. You try hard to pull yourself out but you are coming out of it. For instance, a popular game named ‘Tug of War”. In which two people or teams pull rope from opposite ends. They keep on fighting until one of them drag the other across the central line. This happens because somewhere the losing team give up due to tremendous pressure. Similarly, your one team is negative and the other one is positive. You need to cross the central line and raise yourselves. What’s your mistake? You will say my problems are much bigger than anyone in this world. Absolutely wrong, this big problem statement is huge problem. You are giving up before you try.
Let us talk about famous personalities who are imperfectly perfect.
1. Albert Einstein teachers said he would “never amount to much” because he was unable to speak until 4 years of his age.
2. Thomas Edison was told that he was stupid to learn anything.
3. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he had no original ideas and lack in imagination.
4. Orphan Winfrey also fired from her news anchor job because she wasn’t fit your television. Now, she is American Host.
5. Lastly, Steve Jobs who is chairman, CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. He was unceremoniously removed from the company. He was depressed but lived. Now, you know this man doing wonders.
They all are exceptional and unique people. But we can learn from their struggle and courage. Mad and imperfect people created history.
For this you need to understand yourself. Underestimating, comparing and finding bad in yourself eats you daily. The child inside you should explore life again and again. Whenever, anxiety knocks your brain. Remember first thing stay cool and relaxed. At that moment, do whatever you love and listen to your heart. Moreover, try new and exciting things. Have a positive attitude regarding every single thing. 90 percent of your problem positivity solves. Your tiny teeth and fourteen muscles keep your laugh and smile alive. So, laugh loudly and cheers for your life. Thankful to almighty who created you. Thank your parents who supports you.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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