Our kind has progressed from rudimentary dwellings to robust civilizations as the stream of time has passed. The continuance of human culture must not be mistaken for a linear progression— it is a multi-faceted phenomenon that has left various impressions and scars on the flesh and bones of civilization itself. As we’ve transitioned from hunters & gatherers to agronomists and industrialists, our legacy is not only the monuments we’ve built and the social structures we’ve instituted, but also the intangible, perhaps more humane values we’ve crafted along the way.

Humanity has conceived both concrete evidence and cultural nuances. Before marching any further, I must introduce a term to encompass the plentitude of humanity— anthropology.

Allow me to coat the canvas with an unadorned definition. Anthropology is the study of humanity in context with various past and present societies. Essentially, anthropology deals with a multitude of strands of the human framework. From the way humans formulate groups, structures, bonds and families based on social stigma and rules that were concocted thousands of years ago to the latest viral online trends, a variety of disciplines exist in the domain of anthropology.

Anthropology stands on 4 pillars, namely socio-cultural phenomena, linguistics, biology and archaeology. Now, disciplines like linguistics, biology and archaeology consist of vast subjective knowledge specific to their domain and are often dealt with by scholars. The first sub-field in its own right has its subjective nature but has intersections with the lives of the common populace. Interesting occurrences are often birthed at such intersections.

This January, Alfaaz ADGITM in a collaboration with Leveraged Writing aims to shed light on a plethora of themes from fundamental human experiences like sexuality, parenthood, familial bonds, philosophy, poetry and much more.

In for a penny and in for a pound, the dissection of such refined topics is bound to churn out contrasting and conflicting opinions.

Stay tuned for the Edifice of Cultural Anthropology, a series of pieces that deserve the centre stage.

Written by: Ujjwal Makin

Edited by: Ria Shridher

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