Release and life is worthless unless you give it value

By Elise Smith

Happiness is achieved by letting go of our expectations.

The Buddhist say; “….all suffering of mankind is produced by attachment to a previous condition of existence.” When we eliminate our expectations as to how the future ought to be a continuation of the past, we guarantee ourselves more peace of mind.

Things being in a constant state of change, we need a healthy attitude toward letting go of old things and embracing the new to achieve happiness.  One thing is always replacing another.  In getting rid of the old and the unnecessary, we create a vacuum and we draw to us new and exciting things.

Hanging on to the old and the outmoded, we create blocks, stagnation , stopping us achieving happiness.  This applies to habits, old clothes, junk in the closet, in the attic, in the garage and so on.

We must be prepared to let go of things.  If you have loved people and you never actually let go of them in your mind, no one will come along to replace them.  The minute you truly let go of those people and release them; and look toward new possibilities, you will have new relationships and achieve happiness.

To create a healthy flow, let go of all the stuff you don’t want, won’t use and don’t need.  Apart from feeling uplifted, you will find you are drawing new things to you like a magnet to achieve your happiness.


Life is worthless unless you give it value

 “Nothing matters to the man who says nothing matters.” Lin Yutang

Ultimately, only we decide whether our stay on this planet is to be our privilege and our joy, or it is to be a sentence of misery and despair. Only one of these achieves happiness.

If Fred is on the verge of suicide, and says to us “What is the point of it all?” Then that is Fred’s reality, which he has created.  There is not much we can do to change things for Fred.  How do you get Fred excited about life if he does not want to jump for joy?

You may be moved by walks along the beach. You may be enthralled by a fluffy kitten, you may thrill to taste avocado melting in your mouth.  All these joys are available to Fred too but it is up to him to take it all in or not, to achieve happiness or remain miserable.

We each make the decision to whether we will focus on our awareness and happiness such that each walk in the country, each hot shower, each apple we eat, each conversation we have, each long ride we take, is a new experience, and not a replay of past events.

Life is not dull. There are only dull people who see their world through muddy, tainted glasses.  Many people die at twenty five and don’t get buried until they are seventy. It is a mystery to me why some people see beauty and magic everywhere they look, while others remain unmoved.

However much beauty and magic you have enjoyed up until now, you can choose to have more from today.  It is a choice, every day, to achieve happiness.

Elise Smith

Photo by Elise Smith photography


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