A home to new ideas!

Two sisters, Akanksha Kukreja and Simran Kukreja began the New Year of 2020 with a vision to encourage and promote writers, readers, and learners. Both of them made L.W. ‘s mission to make an influential difference in a world that moves on a solitary mode. They believed that there might be many like them who had so much to teach the world through their life experiences, personal diaries, and insights that they set out and formed a platform for every individual with a voice.

They are now asking all you hidden writers, what’s stopping you from writing that article? That poem? What’s stopping you from expressing your opinions? Leveraged Writings is the platform that will showcase a writer’s unshielded thoughts and opinions, with open hearts and visions that extend beyond the horizon! We are a digital platform that will be your cheerleader and a reliable medium through which your words speak to the people.

Leveraged Writings is a well-established platform, which promises to offer you a blank canvas, allowing you to paint it with your words of color. As they say the pen is mightier than the sword, L.W. wants their writers to express every question, idea, thought they have and show the power of unfiltered voices. While other platforms strive for perfect writers, Leveraged Writings is about sharpening and bettering your skills without limiting yourself. We want our writers to reach their deserving audience and recognize their unique patterns in dealing with ambivalent subjects and genres.