Where Words Matter

Have you ever considered writing, with open hearts and visions broadening beyond the horizon? If you have, Leveraged Writings will aid all of your aspirations. It is a well-established platform that shall be your firm medium to explore the world with ideas in mind and words in hand. The platform’s name is not just for the sake of it; instead, it stands to its meaning. It promises to provide you with a clear sky, leaving it for you to fill with shapes and patterns of your ideas.

It must have been a firm belief that changes begin with a few and disseminate to the masses. The idea of Leveraged Writings was set up by two sisters in January 2020, with a vision to facilitate writers, readers, and learners. They aimed to bring a welcoming difference in a world that moves on a solitary mode. They believed that there might be many like them who had so much to teach the world through their life experiences, personal journals, and learnings that stay embedded in every life incident.

Through this platform, you shall be on the experience of win and win. Leveraged Writings calls for writers to unleash their strong yet subtle voices through their writings. It then engages the readers with the writers by presenting them works that cover a broad spectrum of knowledge and a plethora of hidden emotions to relate to. The readers appreciate the writers by involving themselves in wide ranges of their work. While Leveraged Writings rewards the writers by getting them paid for their work. So, isn’t it a back-to-back win series? Adding to the wins, you shall also take back with you a massive bag of ideas, values, and influencing opinions.

Imagine a world where we all are moving fast on a one-way street? The mere thought of it adds laziness and boredom to our life. Leveraged Writings shall add the much-needed break and respite from a robotic life. It shall also polish your hobbies of writing, reading, shaping views, and approaching topics with critical eyes. This platform wants you to write without any thoughts remaining suppressed and showcase the strength of unfiltered voices. While other platforms aspire for perfect writers, Leveraged Writings is all about perfecting your skills without restricting your ideas to specific parameters. It wants its writers to reach their deserving audience and recognise their unique patterns of approaching ambivalent subjects.

With Leveraged Writings, the world shall bloom to you in its different shades. We are always ‘taught’ about every aspect of living, be it sitting in a particular manner or writing with a specific pattern. But you shall have liberty on writing and knowing if you opt for this platform. In such times, when we have become mechanical in every field, Leveraged Writings brings opportunities to open our hands and minds and let it flow in sync with our thoughts. This platform is the best for those who look for a platform where they can express themselves without any barricades. Once you choose Leveraged Writings as your medium, you are sure to return with some cherishing experiences and a mind which is persuaded to think about the road that remains less travelled.