About Us

Where Words Matter

Our Mission

Leveraged Writings isn’t just our name, it is what this platform intends to do. It is a commitment to make you, the reader or the writer feel more informed about things that matter the most to you. We want our platform to be able to reach audience that our writers deserve, an audience that appreciates unfiltered voices, ideas that force you to think and perspectives that widen your horizons. 

Our Story

Leveraged writings started in January 2020. Two sisters had a vision : to be able to make a difference, by sharing their life experiences, professional journies and the lessons they had learnt along the way and then they realized that there would be many who could bring about a change through their writing but did not have a platform to do. They perfected the idea to where the writers could write  about things that mattered to them, and not hold back. The readers reward the writers by engaging with their content and we reward the writers by paying them for publishing their best work.

Simply put : the readers get to read the best pieces of work and the writers get paid for it. WIN-WIN.