A light to be seen

A light to be seen

The life seemed to be going well,

Humans were all ready to dwell .

But the nature was dooming ,

Is there anyone who saw this coming ?

Now inevitable is around the corner ,

Still all we desiring for , is to be conformer .

Religion isn’t the solution after all ,

Science is the only one which can make us jump the wall .

The spring is still here outside,

The birds can be seen in their joyride .

But inside , the people are in flames,

Cursing each other , putting out the blames .

Oaths have been taken to save lives ,

When it was on the edge of knifes .

The doctors and caretakers made us believe ,

Heroes do exist, not wearing capes but surely i white and blue .

We are were so into the divinity,

It took a virus to know the humanity .

We need to stand together,

Or we will lose it altogether.

The solidarity is a need ,

So that we can have enough to feed .

We need to overcome this dark night ,

Because tomorrow again, we’ll see the light .