I was roaming when it started to rain,
I was waiting on a roadside.
When I looked around and got my eyes stuck on a stellar.
Wearing white,
Standing with pride,
She came near, looked a little confused and asked “Can I make a call?”
I opened the keypad and said “Sure.”
She called her mother and said she might be late.
I deleted my call log as soon as I got it back
The conversation went on the track
Asking each other’s name
Walking at the side lane
Smiling conversations
Genuine appreciations

Passing beside a cafe she asked,”Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”
I said why not, sure.
Along with sharing coffee, we shared experiences
And shared our fantasies
Never thought of forming a bond at a roadside
But there was the Conversation breaker…
She said, “I will be leaving the city for studies tomorrow”
It felt like my heart had ripped
There were a lot of things I still wanted to share
Keeping that feeling aside
We started enjoying our conversation again
It was ordinarily a beautiful day of my life
Our conversations got longer
Our bond seemed to be getting stronger
It was getting late!
So, I said adieu mate
It was my best first date
I forgot to ask her number as moments were lived
With this, she faded away from my life.

Photo by Nathan dumlao on Unsplash

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  1. ritikakhattar Reply

    Oh my god, this is really so beautiful yet saddening. Very well-written!
    i hope you meet her again someday! 🙂

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