Indians are one of the hard-working individuals in the world. We obviously rant about our bosses on Sunday beer-chill catch ups but head to our offices on Monday as if this was our ultimate goal in life.

Ah! I happened to talk to some Europeans, and they were amazed when they learnt that we sometimes work over 40 hours a week!

“That is way too much, madam! How do you even manage to do that?” expressed one. 

It was a cultural shock for him. And for me, too! Because they are accustomed to work as little as 30 hours a week. They get themselves a week or two off every 2 months. Even if they have loads of work, they require off time. 

Moreover, each firm has prevention advisors. Along with implementing loss prevention techniques and training security personnels, they are required to look after the mental wellbeing of employees. Making sure that work is not stressing them is one of their prime duties.

The last I remember somebody cared about my stress levels was 2 years back when my mother used to see me sweating over my exams. I hardly recall when it was the last time my team leader called me and said you don’t have to prioritize the targets over your health. 

Receiving work calls at odd hours and being extra-nice to customers is something we all are now accustomed to. Particularly because the private sector is like that, or is it a notion?

“Get a government job beta, you’ll have a stable life.” I have heard this from my relatives. At some point, even I was wondering if I should prepare for those exams so I can get a tranquil life. 

Ha! Because government clerks are known to take their own sweet time fulfilling tasks. 

It is not about Government versus Private or India versus World. It is more about having a balanced out life and working according to the capabilities. Even though India is a developing country, I still feel we lack some basic professional etiquettes. 

Only if they taught how to work your way around life in schools and colleges….

What are your views? 

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

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