Delivery-only kitchens have been taking the industry by storms ever since the concept was adopted in India. Delivery-only kitchens, or famously known as cloud kitchen business plan, this model has been a successful in cutting the costs while maintaining the premium standards at the same time.

But most of the strategies were to be implemented by physical interaction to increase the sales and engagement that have been thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The only method to increase engagement and build loyal customers is now the internet. This has indeed turned out to be a blessing in disguise for cloud kitchen business plan. Let’s understand how you can build a network of loyal customers through the online medium.

  1. Stay On The Top Through Social Media

According to a Report by Ambassador, 71% of the consumers recommend those brands to others with whom they had a positive social media engagement.

It is an established fact now that social media is a brilliant tool to enhance engagement and build a powerful network. Several platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have helped ventures to derive tremendous sales through interesting facts, competitions, quizzes, etc.

A smart kitchen can avail of the benefits by organizing a few quizzes and other fun activities to get the attention of potential customers. 

  1. Introduce Loyalty Points And Rewards

Loyalty Points and Rewards have never failed in any industry. Offering loyalty points for being a regular customer can do wonders. One can always propose rewards like a complimentary mini beverage with a meal and bonus points on every order to establish a loyal customer network.

Further, smart kitchens can introduce discounts on particular days in a month to get more sales and enhance performance. Once you introduce these sit back and relax, let the word-of-mouth show its magic!

  1. Take Feedback Into Consideration

The key to having the support of loyal customers is you should never neglect the feedback and reviews. 35% of consumers are likely to avail a service by reading a review or recommendation online, claims a report by Toast

Feedback, whether negative or positive, are an important aspect of any venture. With negative feedback come the detailed insights of where your smart kitchen is lacking. Whereas positive feedback helps you maintain the current industry standards. 

But make sure the reviews and feedback over the internet are genuine. To ensure this, one can always include the feedback column on the website or the native application

  1.  Transparency Is The Key

While we are stuck amidst the pandemic, one magnificent tool is to let your customer base know how you function. Anything happening behind the closed doors can appear fishy to the masses. Since over 4.5 billion people are active on the internet in today’s era, you can introduce people to your smart kitchen virtually.

Let them know how you work, introduce them to your team, and assure them that you maintain complete hygiene while preparing the food their tongue relishes. 

  1. Send Regular Updates

Do not forget to update your existing as well as potential network about your smart kitchens through push notifications. Along with this, sending out newsletters to localities and adopting email marketing can help you achieve a loyal customer base. Updating your customers about your business develops a sense of trust, and the results are enhanced if the updates are customized. When FreshMenu opted for the push notifications feature, their sales and customer engagement went up to 17%.

Thus we have listed a few ways to build a loyal customer base for your delivery-only kitchens. A loyal customer is the most valuable asset for any organization. With a powerful customer network comes potential leads from the industry. Investing a little in marketing can help you retain customers and can contribute to better performance. We hope you found this article helpful. 

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