2nd April is celebrated as autism day. Autism is a kind of developmental disorder in individuals. Till now, 02 per cent of the people are diagnosed with autism. This is spotted by repetitive behaviour and poor social interactions. 

Here, we are trying to appreciate a few NGOs’ efforts for our specially-abled children and bring light to work done by them.

Tanay foundation 

It was founded in 2012 by Meenakshi Agarwal. There is a personal story behind the formation of this foundation. Meenakshi’s son was diagnosed with autism; she was sensitive towards this approach. She felt what other autistic children faced. She says parents are the ones who spend most of their time with their children, so they need to be well trained. She opened this foundation, providing therapies, counselling sessions, vocational training, activity-based learning modules, and a lot more to cater to children’s needs. Her thought process is to build a place for autistic children to feel comfortable and normal. 

Link: https://www.tanayfoundation.org/

Action for autism ( AFA)  

Intending to empower autistic children and their families, Merry Barua started this foundation. Along with providing the necessities like therapy, counselling sessions, training, Etc, the organisation organises co-curricular activities like poetry, painting, screening Etc. These children possess different strengths and potentials when provided with the right resources; they can do wonders for the world. 

Link : http://www.autism-india.org/

Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE)

They were founded in Gurugram in the year 2014 by Archana Nayar and Sameer Nayar to reduce the gap between autistic children and by the proper scientific method of learning. They introduced applied behavioural analysis, a scientific approach for the principles of behaviour. ACE conducts several self-help sessions, occupational therapy programs, and fun activities like cycling and football. Their schools are very well equipped with all the facilities needed for your child. 

Link : https://www.ace-india.org/

Indian Mother And Child Care (IMAC) 

This non-profit organisation has all the requisites for the diagnosed children. They have preschool facilities, residential facilities and schooling facilities and more for the children. They take care of children right from their budding age till they are fine and ready to step out. They work for autistic children and a wide range of disorders like ADHD, ADD, Down syndrome, and so on like they cover almost every field. 

Link : http://motherandchildschool.com/

Tamana NGO

Named after her daughter, Dr Shayama Chona founded this organisation. They have different cells, i.e., training cell and research cells. The strength lies with the highly dedicated and hard-working staff. They organise a wide range of events like sports meet, fashion show, online learning programme, winter carnival, and the list goes on.

Link : http://tamana.ngo/

We salute to their warriors helping those in need. If you want to contribute to this  noble cause. If you wish to be associated with this cause then  you simply need to apply to the NGOs of your choice for volunteering. 

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