Though this Pandemic has been bad news for almost everyone, it has low-key been a blessing in disguise for some, especially for the ones who are couch potatoes. The traditional work hours of 9 to 5 have become an ancient scenario after the drastic changes due to corona. For the people who hate traditional jobs and are not meant to fit in within the office spaces, freelancing has financially and got their laziness covered. With the golden option of freelancing, you can save up on your commute prices, time for getting ready, and well unwanted socializing. Today freelancing careers are in full bloom as work from home has become a new trend. Who won’t love to make some money from the cozy comfort of their own houses? (We would not! Scream the extroverts). For all the awkward introverts and some extroverts who are coming to love their space in the house, this is the perfect article. 

     The best fact about freelancing is that you are your own boss. No obeying of time. Waking up whenever your mind and body feel like it, scheduling work at your convenience, and having no forceful awkward conversations are additional perks. Sounds such a delight for introverts, doesn’t it? Freelancing boils down simply to one thing that is self-employment. Your work on whatever you want to wherever you want and whenever you want is the mantra of freelancing. It’s on par with your freedom and your convenience. Another interesting fact about freelancing is that you can even choose for whom you invest your precious time. Your independence isn’t threatened by anything or anyone. You can work and see what suits you the best as freelancing is very flexible and provides ample exposure in different domains. It’s sporadic! Freelancing is best for loners who are experts in self-management. It is tremendously skill-oriented and will keep challenging you at each and every step. The cherry on top is that you are the owner of the profits. Freelancing is away from all the corporate hassle and the boring bureaucratic world. It is customizable and even fun because you get to do what you love the most. Below are some top notch and amazing freelancing options which won’t disappoint you.

  1. Graphic designer

      For all the art lovers and creativity junkies, graphic designing is one of the best freelancing picks. Being a graphic designer is one of the highest-paying jobs today as it has gained popularity over recent years. A graphic designer needs to be well-versed in using several designing software and tools to create beautiful designs that can capture the audience’s attention. As almost everything has gone virtual in 2021, so have businesses, and graphic designs that are created can serve multiple purposes and, in turn, pay the designer really well. Graphic designers can be part of advertisements or in sales and lend a major creative output to technology. Graphic designing is not the most challenging skill to learn, especially for art lovers. The major goal to be a successful graphic designer needs to comprise one thing – fascination.

  1. Programmer

      No wonder being a programmer is one of the highest paying freelance jobs in 2021 due to the vast digital platform that is not declining anytime soon. Programming is in extremely high demand. Today almost everything requires a powerful online presence to create the personal mark amidst the cut-throat competition. Online presence is where programming comes into the picture. Be it an NGO, business, entrepreneurs, creative project, art, or teaching, all are ready to hire highly skilled programmers any day. A seamless website or flawless software gives the user the desired experience which is free from all the interruptions. What does a programmer exactly do? A programmer converts the available designs into manuals for the computers to read, and computers are supposed to follow it. A programmer needs equal doses of logic and creativity for the needed conversions. As the skill has spoken for itself here, it is in huge demand, and not to forget, this is one of the highest paying freelancing jobs.

  1. Copywriter

      A copywriter creates interesting copies for advertisements. What are copies? Copies are short content meant to capture readers’ attention and, in turn, strongly persuade them into buying something. Copywriting can be considered to be a part of e-selling. Copywriters are an asset to any agency as they are responsible for an increase in sales. Why would any agency or company keep the results underpaid! A copywriter’s job is to make the copies short, crisp and cut right into what needs to be conveyed to the readers. Copywriting is a perfectly wonderful freelancing job for all the persuasive and creative minds out there.

  1. Marketer

     A marketer is in high demand because of the several things and skills that are expected from them. They are responsible for running campaigns and giving a marketing boost to an agency or a company. A marketer needs to be a pro and have a significant interest in digital marketing. The marketers are tasked with carrying out digital marketing strategies and reaching new heights in the digital world. They need not only to plan the strategies but also execute them in a proper manner. They need to be well-equipped with the knowledge of consumerism. SEO, CRM marketing, conversions, data analytics, and user experience are the set of skills that a budding marketer ought to hone. As the job demands so many numbers of skills, the pay scale is akin to it, which will make one’s journey as a marketer worthwhile

  1. HR manager

     Human Resources is a fundamental core to any established firm. Without the employee’s work and skills, no company would be as good as a stagnant pond. A skilled HR manager can make a company successful by hiring the perfect candidates required for the jobs. Nowadays, most HR accomplish their target either remotely or from the office as telephonic conversations and interviews have really become common. Previous experience as an HR will make it easier for you to land up as a freelancer HR. As it requires a bit of knowledge beforehand, complete beginners to the freelancing world should not opt for it as it might be challenging to land a gig for oneself.

by Harshita Kirnalli

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