I have been blogging for five years and would like to share with you my 22 blogging tips on how I got started and maintain my blog. When I first started I felt like I was drowning in a sea of knowledge, it took me many hours to sift through and find what worked for me.

I still have a lot to learn, but here is what I have learned to help you on your blogging journey.

22 Blogging Tips

  1. Aim to have 2,000 plus subscribers to your blog, offer incentive to subscribe, a lead magnet.

2. Develop a monthly newsletter> send to your email list, keep regular contact and build relationship with your subscribers.

3. Create a privacy statement and place on your website, this protects you and your subscribers and builds trust.

4. Create regular, seo (search engine optimization) friendly content, include your keywords in your content.

5. Write about topics people are searching for in google related to your brand you are creating, your products and services.

6. Place internal links in your content and at the end of posts referring to other content on your site.

7. Use external links to other sites referring to your content, your guest posts, interviews, products/services, or course > backlinks.

8. Encourage readers to share your content, comment and like this keeps the algorithms moving.

9. Share your all content and posts to your social media platforms, connect these.

10. Reduce the amount of plug ins your site has, plug ins slow down your site.

11. Offer free and later paid spots highlighting a person such as a interview> promote> interviewee also promotes> increases traffic and helps each other.

12. Offer coaching/mentoring.

13. Write and sell a ebook this builds credit, create a workbook to go with ebook.

14. Create an online course to make money, offer products, member only sections or services, consider affiliate marketing.

16. Research people needing your product or service and reach out to them > Groups and forums, google search, social media and local events.

17. Build your testimonials and reviews, create a page for these, along with your credentials.

18. Find bloggers and reach out to them, offer assistance, promotion, spotlight, collaboration.

19. Create your own media kit and reach out to brands, offer guest posting and join networks, build relationship, ask to be part of launch team/supporter.

20. Create a resources page, share what you have learnt/ step by step guides available to subscribers (members) only, later this can be a paid membership.

21. Once traffic is steady to your site, host blogger networks that connect brands, guest writers and posters.

22. Consider google adds, blog adds when traffic is higher.

Good luck with your blogging journey.

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