Even though we love reading and understand that books are a knowledgeable treasure chest, there comes a time when an old, damaged or musty book may have outlived its usefulness. While most book lovers might squirm on the thought of destroying a hardcover tome, most people would immediately jump to the conclusion of selling books, tearing them up, and so on. The goal is to earn some cash, get rid of old, unusable books and reusing your old books into something else.

However, almost always, there is an alternative to things we do in life. Similarly, there are plenty of fun things that can still be done with a damaged book. Instead of getting bitter and throwing away the books that likely cost a small fortune to purchase, you can even score with creative, unique book projects that will make the bookstores wish they had never turned those books down (if they get a chance to see them again).

Rather than just recycling these treasures, let them live a little longer by upcycling them.
Upcycle is a method where you can take any product, and in this case, an old, damaged,
unsalable, or unusable book, and reuse it in and around your home to create something that is useful for you. So a wonderfully readable book that’s still fitting for reading could be valuable somewhere besides the crafting table.

By turning old books into art, you not only save the planet a bit of indignity, but you also renew the life of the words and ink that you have loved for years.

10 Ways To Reuse Your Old Books

There are numerous ways to repurpose your old books. We have found for you the ten most creative ideas for creative book saving and reusing the old books you have!

  1. Book Wreath

Old books usually have a classic look, not just from the outside but even from within the pages hold a yellow tint. When these books are cut and formed into a DIY wreath, the pages lend a vintage charm to a rustic room. For making a book wreath, you will have to cut, roll and glue book pages onto a cardboard round. Since the all-season DIY décor is made of paper, it is light enough to hang from just any plain stretch in your home.

2. Page Photo Frame

If you have your old books with all text pages and maybe with few pictures, you can reuse or revamp these books to create another impressive ornament. You can achieve this by cutting the cover of the book with a utility knife. The interior pages are left intact, and the book is turned into a picture frame by slipping the photo into a plastic protector and taping it to the inside of the cover. Another way to do this is by laying down a base of text pages and pasting out illustrations on top of the base, giving it a quirky look.

3. A Book Safe

The most common hiding places for private or sensitive items are under the clothes in the cupboard, in boxes of rice, under the bed, and so on. To be more safe than obvious, it is best to create a secret stash that doesn’t come easily to one’s mind while robbing someone.

The cleverest and simplest idea is hidden book storage. Amazing right? Here’s how you do it: Cover a wooden box with book spines in such a way that when they are placed on a shelf, the package will look like a typical collection of books. However, it will contain any item that you’d like to hide from prying eyes.

4. Book Shelf

To make this unique piece of furniture, all you need are three books of the same width and thickness. This ensures that the top of the shelf is of the same level.

5. Book To Succulent Planter

The insides of a book are always known to contain magic. This is even possible with old damaged books by hollowing the center of an old novel and turning it into a succulent planter.

Succulents can grow literally anywhere, including this unusual planter. To create a planter, you have first to glue the pages of a book together and then cut the cover and the pages. After that, line the hollowed-out area with plastic, fill it with soil and a small plant.

You will have to keep a watch on this one because if the plastic liner loosens up, you could be left with a soggy book, and without drainage holes, your plant could suffer from over-watering. It’s beautiful how plants are growing right out of the words, and how your old books are reused!

6. Time passes away

Want to keep track of time in a classic and sophisticated way? Here’s another item for your side table and guest lamps – Book clocks. You can create a standing clock by embedding the mechanics of the clock in the pages of an old book so that the face and hands of the clock are on the cover. We find this a good way to reuse your old books.

7. Table Lamps

Do you acquire books that you hold sentimental value in your life or are extremely damaged to a point where you cannot even donate them? In that case, you can use a pile of book art for your home decor! This awesome short stack of books is the base of the lamp design and is a perfect add-on to your home. This book lamp may look like bedside reading, but in fact, it conceals the writing that powers the light-bulb.

8. Resin Art

Do you like to accessorize or have an interest in making your own jewelry with a personal twist? Then this one’s for you! All you need are some old books, some resin, and some thick but malleable jewelry wire. Next is to take the pieces of the pages and suspend them into the resin and create fantastic brooches in various shapes and sizes. Just like that, and you have reused your old book into a piece of art.

9. Book Page Art

Are you a fan of crafting methods that not only up cycle but also look a little bit unconventional or pop art-inspired? Then you must try your hand at this framed black ink and book page art. It is best to use black pens or paint to illustrate a simple image of your choice right on top of a book page with text, creating a fantastic silhouette effect that pops out from the page. The frame simply completes the look and lets you proudly display your work on the walls of your home.

10. Gift Boxes

Are you wondering how you’d like to preserve the undamaged illustrated and plain text pages that are left in an old book you found? Then here’s another amazing idea for your consideration! You can uniquely wrap plain boxes with book pages, giving it a lovely look worth a children’s birthday present or for a book worm’s present.

I hope these ten ways give a new way for your books to live longer!

Written by: Edlyn Cardoza

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