We humans often wonder why some people rarely get sick and some get sick more often, like some new disease came in town and they get infected. This is because their immunity power to fight with viruses and bacteria is very low. Role of the immune system is to keep toxic things like unhealthy cells or viruses or bacteria out of our body, and to fulfil this role you must have a healthy immune system in your body. There are some natural ways to boost your immunity.

·       Have a balanced diet:

Food is an essential part of our lives and it’s a primary source of nutrients, proteins, vitamins etc. and in fact, we have learned this since our childhood. But the real problem is we somehow manage to ignore the value of a balanced diet and focus more on junk food, which is hard to digest. Proteins, vitamins are critical for our immune system and to fulfil this we need to develop the habit of eating more green vegetables and freshly cut fruits. Additionally, garlic, nuts, mushrooms, eggs etc. enhances the power of the immune system.

·       Get yourself adequate sleep:

I highly recommend sleeping 7-8 hours. Sleep is directly connected with immunity. Many researches have shown how insufficient sleep weakens our immune system. If you are facing difficulty in sleeping, then one of the plausible reasons is the rays of smartphones and TV which can disturb your sleep than you need to avoid this prior 1 hour before bed. If it is because of insomnia or depression, then I strongly suggest that you visit your doctor.

·       Vitamins:

Don’t forget the ABCD of vitamins. Vitamins give strength to the immune system and make it healthy. Out of all vitamins, Vitamin C is most important of all other nutrients and lack of it can cause several diseases. We can get vitamin C from Lemon, Kiwi, Broccoli, Oranges, etc. We can get Vitamin D from the morning sunshine. Vitamin A, B2, B6, E is also important for your immune system and protects you from getting sick.

·       Drink Alcohol in moderation and Quit Smoking:

“Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking causes cancer.” We come across this slogan almost every day. It comes in movies, on TV, we read on the box of a cigarette when we pull out to smoke. This is because it is actually that bad, and surprisingly it is very hard to find even one advantage of smoking. A cigarette has the power to weaken your immune system to the level you can’t expect. Compared to cigarettes, alcohol does not do that much damage to the immune system, but failing to control the intake can weaken the immune system and make you prey of viruses.

·       Develop Self-Discipline:

Self-Discipline is something you can develop internally which cannot be taught. Self-Discipline fully depends on how much you take it seriously in your life. You must wonder what is the relation between self-discipline and healthy immunity. Well, you know how to make your immune system stronger, but knowing itself is not everything. You need to implement all those above things. Like waking up early in the morning doing meditation or/and going for a walk outside which gives Vitamin D nutrition. Forcing yourself to cut junk foods and eat fresh vegetables and fruits more often. Quitting cigarettes and never  touching  it again. These are some habits you can develop through self-discipline and have a healthy lifestyle.

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