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Life-a challenge

Early in the morning, when I woke up, there was silence in the air and sadness everywhere that sums up. I could hear someone at the door, I ran towards it, and he was lying on the floor. He lay as if a huge old tree had fallen, his eyes as small as a grainContinue Reading

My circle of life

by Elise Brooke I had waited and waited bringing up a family of my own first finally at age forty it was happening… Mesmerizing pictures of animals and breath taking scenery fill my screen I gaze in awe.  I have wanted to see South Africa ever since mum told me about her home when IContinue Reading

“You will never take my soul!”

                               By Elise Broke I remember screaming these words as he threw me on the bed his hands tightly gripped round my neck.  My partner of eight years wanted me dead! “Half of all homicides in New Zealand are committed byContinue Reading

The dark path of Alcohol Addiction

People often ponder upon the ageless question,” What is the path to Happiness ?”. A widely accepted, philosophically sound yet anti climactic answer is, “There is no path to happiness, for happiness is a state of being rather than a destination”. A great many individuals have devised methodologies and arts to grab this brass ringContinue Reading

A Glass of Wine

Billy locked his apartment’s door as he stepped down from the pavement. Every evening he went for a stroll to lift the burden of his mind, to decompress and rejuvenate. Pacing through alternate sections of light and dark casted by streetlights, Billy wasn’t his usual self this very evening. Hood over his head and aContinue Reading

What I learned from Princess Di!

“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.” – Princess Diana. Princess Di, the British Royalty and Crown Recently, I watched the Netflix series ‘Crown’, based on the Queen of England and her life so far. The new season introduced ‘Princess Diana’ and her image broughtContinue Reading

A happy boy

I looked at a boy too happy, he made everybody chappy.  His smile was joyous and his spirit for life was pious, I thought to myself what does he eat, that negativity he easily cheats.  The sparkle in his eyes was divine, like he was born to shine.  An afternoon,  I saw him crying behindContinue Reading

A different love story

On a cold winter morning, It was the month of January. I peeped out of my window; everything was blurry,  so blurry as if someone had painted it white.  This cold sent a chill down my spine.  Sipping onto the coffee cup in my blanket,  I wondered what if he was here,  I would haveContinue Reading

Plot of the movie: Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell was working as a security guard in the 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta. In the early morning, he found a suspicious olive-green backpack under a bench in Centennial Park. He alerted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers for investigation. Richard became the hero in the eye of the public after saving many lives. ButContinue Reading

Can India become a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy by 2024?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed to make India a 5 Trillion dollar economy by 2024 during his second term in May 2019. The government aimed to make India economically strong and free from poverty, but due to this, pandemic and lockdown, India witnessed a fall in GDP. Even before the pandemic, economists suggest that itContinue Reading


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