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By – Dr Jyotsana Anand Suri Diabetes , Types , Symptoms , Risk factors , Prevention , Treatment High blood sugar in the body in simple terms is called Diabetes. When the body doesn’t use the hormone insulin properly, it causes an increase in sugar level.Following simple rules can prevent both Diabetes . Engage in […]

The ‘Work From Home’ Culture- From Being a Fad to the Need of the Hour

The Work From Home culture has gained a lot of momentum lately. With just a few types of equipment, an internet connection, and a quiet room, you are all set to work from your home.  The idea of working from the comfort of your home is something that we long for. If we go by […]

Being alone

I’m reminded again of how it feels to be alone. Even though I consider myself to be fairly introverted, feelings of loneliness can be quite overwhelming for me. I suspect it’s largely a biological behavior. Some kind of a feedback loop to keep me from venturing off too far from loved ones. I had forgotten […]

Lying Through Eyes

Lying through sad eyesManipulation it’s easySmiling through sad eyesYour surface fades awayThe smile doesn’t stay, society runsPeering through the curtainsTap, Tap , Tap on the window paneEmotions cascading throughA storm of deception, descriptionThe rain will come.Observing the world through tired eyesResistance is weaknessThe windows openThe rain pours inAm I drowning?Gasping for air or simply gasping […]

A Saga Of Partitioned Women

Book review-difficult daughters.“The tradition that refuses to entertain doubt, or remains impervious to new thoughts and ideas, becomes a prison rather than a sustaining life force.” Some books are friends, others teachers. This one came as a life-changing experience. The hauntingly beautiful portrayal of women’s anguish and sufferings in the pre-independence period has left my […]

HYPERTENSION(High Blood Pressure)

By – Dr Jyotsana Anand Suri NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASE – HYPERTENSION Non-Communicable diseases according to the World health organization are chronic diseases that kill millions of people each year. Cardiovascular diseases account for most deaths followed by Diabetes and various other Non Communicable diseases. CAUSES , DIAGNOSIS , PREVENTION Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, more […]

Waiting at the door…

Lying in bed, I used to hearThe yapping of a dog in my ear I used to admire you from afarBecause people use to say what if you give me a scar? There is enough sorrow in a natural wayFrom men and women to fill our day But you came into my heart one dayMy […]

The Fear Of Losing

Have you ever felt a fear of losing someone from your life? Being afraid of losing someone you love is not at all an uncommon feeling. It is a feeling which most of us have felt once in our life, it may be towards our parents or friends or relationships. In life, we want everything […]

The final episode.

It was a busy Friday afternoon, sure the weather wasn’t exactly warm but the winter sun still shines somewhat bright. The studio area was buzzing with crews, personnels and executives, all of them barking details over intercoms. The cacophony of this chatter was the root of the symphonies that aired every night, filling time slots, […]

From the pen of a Covid survivor.

It was a regular morning on the second of September 2020, I woke up around 7:50 in the morning, but something felt really unusual. I got a bad vibe that morning; I concluded that I had a very severe body ache and little fever on analyzing what it was. Like any other person would do, […]


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